Al Hansen

(after he met Lisa Cieslik and she told him her story)

The avantgarde of a new femaleconsciousness is growing in Europe.
Because of this still developing state of ideas, and due to the lack of acknowledgement from men and society, many women are insecure, without orientation and torn between future possibilities and tradition.

However, by tradition (holy virgin, magna mater) the woman is preserver and heiress of poetry, emotional logic, patience, pleasure, survival, solidarity and rationalism (on a different level than men). The secret of Diane Fossey.

Living poetry because fruit of the womb is not enough.

Live on the energy of others.

The patiently survived adjustment.

The pleasure of a real hermaphrodite.

Women and mothers take us too serious on a private level, however they do not take our work serious at all.

More women into politics (black mailing and sex). Rajani.

Women have a strong feeling for power.

Women are immoral, but can be also meta moralistic...

Women do not need patience for persistance and adustment. Women are beautiful.

To be (sense) or not to be (fertile) and vice versa. Women are unpredictable.

Mystery and perversion of women are impenetrable. Sexy underwear for the man. Once a woman is disillusioned in her love, she is motivated by selfishness and revenge. Mother earth. The volcano (vulva) throws her children into space.

A woman is fertile about 356 times during her life (menstruation starts when she is a-bout 15 and ends at about 45, this means 30 x 12 = 360 times ready for consequences). The bloodred moon (period).

Abortion and antibaby pill.

Women in - at are private inspiration and service. In fact, we better sing about women, than talk.

This is about women in general. If we were women it would be a chapter about men. Always when mankind is mentioned, it seems as if women were something seperate from men. Women are applied art. (Decorations).

In their daily life men must keep control, no wonder that sexuality becomes the only reservation to let go.Consequently all withheld overflows quickly, though the opposite would be better.

Women in particular are an intimate chapter written with invisible ink.